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Works by Escher turn out to be worth 100,000 euros at Tussen Kunst en Kitsch | TV

The man she brought along knew Escher personally: he was his neighbor across the street and his father was a good friend of the graphic artist who was born in Leeuwarden. The two prints were handed to him personally by Escher.

The work of Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898-1972) has recently increased in value considerably. This is mainly due to two American collectors who are driving prices up worldwide.

Meanwhile Art and Kitsch, presented by Frits Sissing, precious finds are made more often. The record is a painting by Joost van Geel, Het Kantwerkstertje. In 2011, that work was valued at 250,000 euros. In the following two years, a wooden ancestor statue from Congo (150,000 euros) and a necklace (125,000 euros) were discovered.

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