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Winner Libris Literature Prize 2022 announced

Photo: ANP

Jury chairman Ahmed Aboutaleb will announce the winner of the Libris Literature Prize 2022 on Monday evening. This will take place in Felix Meritis in Amsterdam, during a meeting that starts at 8.30 pm.

Nominated for the prize are Nico Dros with Willem who made Madoc, Mariken Heitman with Wormmaan, Auke Hulst with De Mitsukoshi Troostbaby Company, Deniz Kuypers with De atlas van groen, Renée van Marissing with Our children and Lisa Weeda with Aleksandra.

The six authors have all received 2500 euros for their nomination, but each still has a chance to win the main prize of 50,000 euros. They were left from a long list of eighteen nominees.

“The six novels that were ultimately shortlisted show us an exceptionally wide panorama that you as a reader are only too happy to enter, and then return purified to everyday life,” said the jury last February at the nomination. The announcement of the winner will be broadcast live in the Nieuwsuur program on NPO2.

Last year Jeroen Brouwers won the prize with his book Client E. Busken.

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