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Water polosters cannot stunt in the second World Cup match against defending champions US NOW

The Dutch water polo players were unable to provide a surprise on Wednesday in their second game at the World Cup in Hungary. The Orange lost to defending champions the United States (7-11) and now has to reach the quarterfinals via a detour.

The American women have won the title at the last three World Cups and at the last three Olympic Games. The team is also the top favorite in Hungary and was the first real test for the Netherlands since last year’s Games in Tokyo, where the Orange squad stranded in the quarterfinals.

The Netherlands, which started the World Cup on Monday with a monster win over Argentina (29-6), was already 3-6 behind the US halfway through. In the fourth and final quarter, the team of Greek national coach Evangelos Doudesis narrowed the gap to two goals (7-9), but otherwise the six-time world champion did not let it come in Debrecen.

Due to the fourteenth defeat in a row against the US, the Netherlands will have to play an intermediate round to reach the last eight. Only the group winner qualifies for the quarter-finals and the Orange can no longer overtake the American team. The numbers two and three of the four groups go to the intermediate round.

The Netherlands will close the group stage on Friday with a game against South Africa. The last of group B lost his first two matches and is normally no match for the Orange Women.

Group B position

  • 1. US: 2-4 (+26)
  • 2. Netherlands: 2-2 (+19)
  • 3. Argentina: 2-2 (-22)
  • 4. South Africa: 2-0 (-23)

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