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VI Today falls under a million viewers in the second broadcast | TV

In VI Today Johan Derksen, René van der Gijp and Wilfred Genee discuss all kinds of topics with one or two other guests at a table. The trio previously made the program Veronica Inside, in which they usually talked about football at a table, but also all kinds of other topics were discussed. Derksen himself stated in the broadcast on Monday that he did not see “what has changed” in the new program. He also said he was satisfied with his ‘loyal following’, roughly half a million viewers.

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Competitor Beau attracted 909,000 viewers on RTL4, NPO show On 1 got stuck at 741,000 viewers.

The most-watched programs on Tuesday were, traditionally, the NOS News from 8 p.m. (nearly 2.2 million viewers), The smartest person (1.9 million viewers) and the Half Eight News from RTL 4 (1.6 million viewers).

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