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Van der Poel sympathizes with Girmay: ‘They will loosen those corks very quickly’ | cycling

Girmay got the cork in his eye when uncorking the bottle of prosecco and was in a lot of pain. He couldn’t see out of sight for a while and went to the hospital for a check-up. Later in the evening his sight returned, but on Wednesday morning it was decided not to take any risks and not to start. Girmay indicated in the video that his eye needed “more rest”.

Van der Poel had almost the same after a win in the first stage. Then luckily the cork landed on his shoulder and not in his eye.

“I only saw the images afterwards,” said the Dutchman at Eurosport before the start of the eleventh stage. “On the first day I had it myself and managed that it was not in my face. I think they are already doing a lot of stuff at the organization, I don’t know. They do come off very quickly. Dangerous and not the way you want to leave the Giro.”

Van der Poel also announced that he will probably not participate in the sprint on Wednesday, unless a smaller group is created due to fans.

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“We have a bad feeling about this,” Giro boss Mauro Vegni said before the stage in response to the incident with Girmay. “We have gone from happiness to extreme disappointment. We think of him because he had a magical moment for cycling. I hope it doesn’t cause permanent damage. This has never happened. I don’t know if it had to do with the heat. In any case, we will look at how we can avoid this in the future.”

Sports director Valerio Piva had a conversation with sporza a suggestion: “Why can’t that bottle just be open on the podium, like in F1?”, it sounded.

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