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Ukraine wins ESF with 400 points from the public | TV

Where the country received surprisingly few points at the presentation of the jury, it took no less than four hundred points with the televote in one fell swoop, so that England still had to make do with second place. S10 finished in a disappointing eleventh place.

The Ukrainian group Kalush Orchestra is grateful for all the support from the public. That’s what frontman Oleh Psiuk said on stage after winning the 66th Eurovision Song Contest. “This one is for all Ukrainians.” The country received a total of 631 points. Betting shops had already predicted that Ukraine would get a lot of votes from the public because of the war. After all performances had been Saturday, the chance of winning was estimated at 62 percent.

Laura Pausini sick

Presenter Laura Pausini had not been in the picture for a while. During the award ceremony it was said that she had become ill and would have gone home. According to insiders, she would not have been completely fit during rehearsals and was absent during the two-and-a-half hour period to take a rest. Yet halfway through the scoring, she suddenly appeared on the broadcast again, without further explanation.

call for peace

The Icelandic trio Systur made a statement after their performance in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest by asking for peace in Ukraine. “Peace for Ukraine,” the three sisters shouted after they had finished. It was not the first statement about the war in Ukraine. Earlier, German singer Malik Harris showed a Ukrainian flag on his guitar with the word ‘peace’ written through it. Ukraine itself asked the public and the viewer to support the country. “I ask all of you: please help Ukraine, help Mariupol, help Azovstal!” shouted frontman Oleh Psiuk after performing the song Stefania.

BBC gives S10 ‘ten out of ten’

As far as the British Song Contest team of the BBC is concerned, our Dutch entry S10 gets a 10. They tweeted this on Saturday evening shortly after the performance of the singer, who performed her song in Dutch. The depth sang. Many followers of the account agree, expressing their appreciation for the “beautiful performance” and the “simple perfection.” Earlier their commentator Graham Norton said of the song: “Beautiful song. It’s almost as if I speak Dutch. It is very quiet, very sincere and beautifully interpreted by this young woman.” Norton was also enthusiastic afterwards. “Well done, S10. The audience really liked it too.”

‘Ukraine will win’

Ukraine will win the Eurovision Song Contest according to the bookmakers. Just before the final in Turin, Kalush Orchestra had a historically high winning chance of no less than 59 percent. The betting shops assume that Ukraine will get a lot of sympathy votes from Europe and Australia because of the war and that the rest will therefore not play any role. Sweden has an 11 percent chance of winning, followed by the United Kingdom with 10 percent. S10 is in tenth place with De Diepte. Never before have betting shops been so confident.


Sweden has won one of the three Marcel Bezençon Awards, which are traditionally presented just before the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. Singer Cornelia Jakobs and her writers David Zandén and Isa Molin received the Composer Award for the best composed Eurovision song of this year. The other two awards, the prize for best artistic performance and the press prize, went to Serbia and the United Kingdom respectively

Tweet S10

Exactly one year after she announced via Twitter that she wanted to go to the Eurovision Song Contest, S10 posted a variation on the tweet in question. “Honey, how are we going to make sure I win #Eurovision tonight??? xx”, the singer wrote an hour before the final in Turin started. The basis for S10’s Eurovision participation was laid last year on May 21, the day of the final in Rotterdam. “Honey, how are we going to make sure I can participate in Eurovision next year???” the 21-year-old singer wondered on Twitter at the time.

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