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TV four-part: ‘To what extent does woke movement ensure equality?’ † TV

In the four-part series, which is broadcast on PowNed, Meradji (who previously made Anesthetic and Sex Angels) follows various people. Such as the 22-year-old Bluma, who thinks the world is racist and sexist and who goes to demonstrations at least five times a week. Amber (23) wants to wake up the Netherlands for the climate crisis and chains herself on the public road for this. 38-year-old Jeanette is a disabled Muslim woman of color who fights against ‘the white oppressor’. She has long felt inferior because of her skin color.

The program maker also speaks to Dutch people who are far from recognizing themselves in the image that is sketched of our country and who absolutely do not like all kinds of changes, such as the abolition of the word ‘neger kisses’ and Zwarte Piet and things like gender-neutral toilets. Meradji: “I am investigating to what extent the woke movement actually ensures equality.”

The activists also fight for Meradji, who as a woman of Iranian descent has faced discrimination. Only she never felt deprived. “It’s only since the rise of ‘woke’ that I’ve been continuously reminded that I belong to a minority. Suddenly there is a ‘we’ and a ‘you’, something I have never experienced myself. By following woke activists closely, I try to understand where this feeling comes from.”

Ik woke van je can be seen from Thursday 2 June at 8.58 pm on NPO 3.

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