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This is the winner of Heel Holland bakes 2022 | TV

In the final, the bakers had to make a bridal buffet as a spectacle, for which they were given no less than 7.5 hours. In the end, judges Janny van der Heijden and Robèrt van Beckhoven judged that 30-year-old Enzo was the best. The duo praised the baker for his baking techniques. He stood out from the crowd because everything he baked was vegan. “He has also inspired me,” says Van Beckhoven. “He goes beyond borders, with new techniques,” adds Van der Heijden.

Enzo succeeds Elizabeth, who was crowned the winner last season. All of Holland bakes has been on the tube since 2013 and is the Dutch version of the British ratings hit The Great British Bake Off

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