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Thijs Römer about accusation of underage woman: ‘This is going a bridge too far’ NOW

Thijs Römer responded on Twitter on Tuesday to previous accusations made against him. A young woman wrote on Monday Twitter that she came into contact with the actor at the age of fourteen and was asked to send voice messages and nude photos.

“In recent days, several wild stories about me have been doing the rounds,” writes Römer. “Until now I did not feel compelled to respond to this. The story about a then fourteen-year-old girl with whom I would have had cross-border contact, however, goes a bridge too far for me as a father of a teenage daughter and a sensible person.”

The alleged victim shared her story on social media on Monday. She then admitted it was “not such a smart move” to do it that way and said she is now in contact with the police.

Römer himself denies the allegations. “I hope it won’t be necessary, but if this doesn’t stop, I’ll have to file charges for defamation and slander.”

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