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Stunt woman sues Game of Thrones makers over injury after fight scene | NOW

A stuntwoman who collaborated on Game of Thrones has sued the makers of the HBO series, reports variety Tuesday. Casey Michaels says he suffered permanent injuries from the filming of a fight scene.

The stuntwoman participated in the eighth and final season in 2018 and had to climb a castle during a fight, according to variety in the indictment. She had to fall from the roof along with other stuntmen, landing last on cardboard boxes and mats. With so many people landing on the boxes and mats in front of her, everything would have shifted and she ended up wrong.

Michaels says she broke her ankle and had multiple surgeries and physical therapy in recent years. Due to the injury, she says she can no longer practice certain sports and can no longer perform her work as a stunt woman.

Michaels is claiming damages of almost 5 million dollars (more than 4.7 million euros). HBO could not be reached for comment.

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