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Selection ADO Den Haag threatens management with strike | Football

The selection has already had several discussions with director Edwin Reijntjes, but the parties have not yet reached an agreement. The players’ council registers Broadcasting West that patience is starting to run out. “If there is no solution before Thursday morning, we will strike and we will not go on the field. We’ve talked to management long enough, but there’s no movement. As a group of players, we know the situation of the club all too well. We do not ask for extreme amounts. That’s why we regret that it turned out this way.”

The football players are free on Wednesday anyway, but if no solution is found, they will refuse to train on Thursday in the run-up to the duel with Top Oss next Saturday at 4.30 pm.

Reijntjes himself did not want to respond yet, but a spokesperson for the club reports that another attempt will be made on Wednesday. “Today, a delegation of the selection sat down with Reijntjes again. An agreement has not yet been reached. We also consider this an internal matter.”

The fact that the profit premiums of ADO Den Haag have yet to be determined in the middle of the season is due to the uncertain financial situation of the club at the beginning of this football year. The number five of the Kitchen Champion Division has now found a buyer with the Spanish-American investment company Globalon.

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