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Screams Most Heartbreaking Murders Confirmed Sidney Was a Villain Sort Of – DNews

Looking at the Scream franchise’s most heartbreaking murders, it becomes clear that Sidney Prescott was sort of a villain.

You Are Reading :Screams Most Heartbreaking Murders Confirmed Sidney Was a Villain Sort Of

In the Scream franchise, it’s safe to say Neve Campbell’s Sidney Prescott is the hero of the story, evolving to become the ultimate final girl. She’s fought off many killers wearing the Ghostface mask, which is why every time the baton is passed, the slashers try to upgrade. However, upon dissecting the series’ most heartbreaking murders, it becomes clear that Sid was sort of a villain.

The first example came in Scream 2 when Sid doomed her best friend at Windsor College, Hallie. They got stuck in a car with Ghostface and eventually crashed. Sid was the first to crawl out through the driver’s seat, as that was the only way out due to the scaffolding that fell on the vehicle.

Sid then pulled Hallie out in a suspenseful scene where many thought the slasher would regain consciousness and kill the friend. Luckily, things worked out for them, but as they ran off, Sid decided to turn back. She wanted to unmask the killer, but Hallie begged her to leave so they could fight another day. It was understandable that Sid wanted to solve the mystery, but they should have met the others to formulate a new plan.

Screams Most Heartbreaking Murders Confirmed Sidney Was a Villain  Sort Of

Sadly, when Sid reached the door, the slasher was gone. As she turned around, she saw Ghostface jump out behind Hallie, killing her. All Sid could do was put her hands on her mouth and scream, regretting what she did. It did feel like a bit of ego since she refused to listen to Hallie. Thus, Sid deserved the blame here because her selfishness cost her a loyal pal, her life in a tragic ending.

The second case of Sid not caring about anyone but herself was in Scream 2’s final act, when she got back to the Windsor theater and found her beau, Derek, strung up. He was cut up and begging for her to free him, but Mickey arrived and revealed himself as the first slasher. He claimed Derek was his partner, which made Sid recoil rather than untie Derek. It triggered flashbacks to when Billy and Stu faked attacks on each other up to fool the cops in the first Scream movie. Granted, Mickey was always going to shoot Derek; it just felt cruel that he died telling Sid he’d never hurt her.

Derek really did love Sid and unlike Billy, who was always getting her to do shady things, Derek did nothing but protect her. Sid didn’t trust him here, as she remembered Billy’s lies, but in this Scream film, Derek was also attacked by Ghostface earlier when he rescued Sid from a sorority house. Thus, Sid should have given him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she could have freed him so they could fight back and live together. Even as Mickey shot him, he could have died with hope rather than feeling scorned by his soulmate.

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