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Rembrandt House shows etching art in Rembrandt Revival

Photo: ANP

With the Rembrandt Revival exhibition, the Rembrandt House Museum is showing etching art by well-known painters who were inspired by the seventeenth-century master. It concerns dozens of works by Manet, Morisot, Whistler and Cassatt, among others, from a donation that the Amsterdam museum recently received.

The exhibition opens on June 11 and shows how these artists brought about an international revival of etching art between 1850 and 1940, called the Etching Revival. According to the museum, Rembrandt was an important example for them, they often referred to the famous painter in their work. The Etching Revival was therefore also a Rembrandt Revival, according to Het Rembrandthuis.

In the exhibition, work by the artists from this period can be seen alongside that of Rembrandt, allowing the visitor to compare. His Reading Girl and The Three Trees, for example, were important sources of inspiration.

Collector Neeke Fraenkel-Schoorl recently donated nearly four hundred prints and more than two hundred pieces of graphics in books and magazines to the museum. In an audio tour she tells about her favorites. The exhibition is on display until October 30.

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