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Patience needed in appeal procedure regarding coach Vincent Wevers | Sport

Henk van Aller, official secretary of the ISR, explains that the prosecutor and the gymnastics association have four weeks to submit their appeal, after which Vincent Wevers and his adviser in turn have a month to respond. In the meantime, another hearing is being planned at which the parties will be heard orally. Ultimately, the Appeals Committee will pass judgment on the file, which initially consisted of more than a thousand pages.

Last week, Wevers said in a response that he does not expect the Appeals Committee to reach a different judgment than the Disciplinary Committee, but that is not so obvious. This is also apparent from the ISR cases against his former colleagues Nico Zijp and Gerben Wiersma. The former was acquitted after a conviction in the appeal procedure and the reverse happened with Wiersma, although he did not receive a sentence.

Wevers is accused of, among other things, physical abuse, ignoring injuries, verbal abuse, isolation and abuse of power. The disciplinary committee considered all this unproven and cracked down on the investigation. This led to a lot of criticism from various corners of society, but nobody dares to predict whether a new file and a new session will lead to a different ruling by the ISR.

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