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Paris police chief apologizes for using tear gas around CL final NOW

Diedier Lallement, the police chief in Paris, apologized on Thursday for the use of tear gas against Liverpool supporters ahead of the Champions League final on May 28. According to the police chief, the security was a complete failure.

“I am aware that people with good intentions were also hit by the tear gas. I am really sorry, but I want to emphasize that there was no other option for us,” Lallement said in the French Senate.

According to Lallement, there was no other option besides the use of tear gas to relieve the pressure around the entrance gates of the Stade de France. “We asked people to move, but it didn’t happen,” he said.

The police chief was not at all pleased with the security surrounding the Champions League final. “It was a failure because people were pushed and attacked. In addition, the reputation of our country is undermined by this debacle.”

In addition to Lallement, officials of the French Football Association will be heard on Thursday about the incidents surrounding the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool. Steve Rotheram, the mayor of Liverpool, is also present.

The final involved large-scale ticket fraud, causing the authorities to lose control of security around the stadium prior to the game. The match, which was eventually won by Real Madrid, had to be postponed by more than half an hour.

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