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Number of S10 listeners to record high after Eurovision final

Photo: ANP

The number of listeners of singer S10 has reached a record high since the final of the Eurovision Song Contest last Saturday. The singer, who represented the Netherlands at the song festival with the song De Diepte, counted 2.1 million different monthly listeners on Spotify on Monday. This is evident from figures from Spotify.

At the beginning of March, the Eurovision song by Stien den Hollander, as S10 is really called, was presented. At that time, her songs on Spotify were still being listened to by about 650,000 different people. Since the announcement, the number of listeners has risen to about 1.5 million in mid-April. After her performance in Turin last Saturday, with which she finished in eleventh place, the number of listeners increased to more than 2 million.

This means she has more different monthly listeners than other popular Dutch pop acts such as Suzan & Freek (1.8 million), Snelle (1.7 million) and Maan (1.4 million). Incidentally, Spotify makes no distinction in the country of origin of the listeners; those of S10 may come from all over Europe because of its participation in the Eurovision Song Contest, while those of the three aforementioned artists are probably mainly from the Netherlands.

The Depth has now been streamed more than 17 million times on Spotify. This makes it, after Breathe in with rappers Frenna and Kevin, the second most listened to song by the 21-year-old singer. The winning Ukrainian entry, Stefania from Kalush Orchestra, has been listened to almost 9 million times.

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