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New program: main prize of one million (!) euros | TV

At a time when the world is turned upside down and one crisis follows another, the need to shut down is greater than ever. “Forty people will have the opportunity to withdraw for a year to a location where only the basic facilities are available. Their world becomes small, but the price of profit becomes very large.”

The trick becomes to stay in the game. “That means working together, negotiating and competing in the longest game show ever.” In order to provide for their livelihood, they are given assignments with which they can earn money for the household pot.

If that money is gone, the group of forty could use the prize pool of one million euros, which means that the main prize will be lower. In addition to the so-called earning assignments, elimination assignments are also played, so that fewer and fewer participants remain.

A year of your life, for which candidates are now being sought, can be seen on SBS6 this fall. Details will be announced later.

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