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NBA Finals: Golden State Warriors and Boston Celtic in balance after two games | Sport

With that, the team recovered from the bad start in the final battle. The Celtics had surprisingly won the first game, also in San Francisco, 120-108.

The Warriors made the difference in the third quarter. Halfway through the game, the score was 52-50 for the home team, but after the third quarter the game was already decided: 87-64. Star Stephen Curry was good for 29 points on behalf of the Warriors, Jayson Tatum came to one point less for the Celtics.

The Golden State Warriors also played well defensively. Al Horford and Marcus Smart both managed just 2 points on behalf of the Celtics and only two players besides Tatum scored more than 10 points. Draymond Green played a key role defensively.

“We said we had to play with dedication and we did. It’s a good feeling to be back on track and now we have to go with it,” Curry said of the approaching games. “We started better defensively, which influenced the game and they ‘felt’ us more than in the first game. Our third quarter was great and we took a lead which made the fourth quarter easier.”

Satisfied coach

Coach Steve Kerr was satisfied with his team’s performance. “I thought everyone was more involved. It was pretty clear that we were playing more vigorously and physically than in the first game and we had to. What the Celtics did in the first game in the last quarter, we had to avoid with more aggression and better focus. I’ve seen it from the start.”

The third game will be played in the night from Wednesday to Thursday. The next two games are in Boston. The first team to win four games is the new NBA champion.

Last season, the title went to the Milwaukee Bucks. The Warriors (seven titles) can become champions for the first time since 2018, the Celtics (seventeen titles) last victorious in 2008.

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