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Morbius Painfully Awkward PostCredits Scene Has Arrived Online – DNews

The post-credits scene from Sony’s Morbius arrives online, featuring Jared Leto’s Living Vampire meeting Michael Keaton’s Vulture from the MCU.

You Are Reading :Morbius Painfully Awkward PostCredits Scene Has Arrived Online

A very awkward exchange between Jared Leto’s Dr. Michael Morbius and Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes/Vulture from the end of Sony’s Morbius is now online.

The post-credits scene from Sony’s Spider-Man Cinematic Universe spinoff takes place following a mid-credits scene in which the Vulture is mystically transported between universes. The Vulture, played by Keaton previously in Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man: Homecoming, finds himself out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and in a prison cell in Sony’s universe because of Doctor Strange’s multiverse-closing spell at the end of Spider-Man: No Way Home. After his release from prison, the Vulture arranges an impromptu meeting with Morbius.

In the final exchange, the Vulture mentions how he read about Morbius’ exploits in the news and wants answers as to why he switched realities. He believes the wall-crawler had something to do with it and suggests putting a team together with Morbius “to do some good.” Morbius finds the Vulture’s proposition simply “intriguing.”

Ever since the early screenings for Morbius took place, critics have savaged the movie for not understanding what universe it is supposed to take place in. In particular, the Morbius post-credits scene is widely considered to be “messy” in contrast to the MCU’s handling of its famous ending tags. Director Daniel Espinosa tried to defend the potential pairing of a supervillain and an anti-hero when he was interviewed by Uproxx. “Vulture is not a criminal in that universe just yet,” Espinosa said.

Questions about where Morbius stood between the MCU and Sony’s Spider-Man Cinematic Universe were raised when the first trailer, released in January 2020, showed a quick shot of Keaton’s Vulture in restraints acknowledging Morbius as he passed him by. In addition, the trailer included subtle references to Spider-Man as the Living Vampire passed by a poster of Tobey Maguire’s version of the character with “MURDERER” spraypainted across the image. Originally scheduled for release in July 2020, Morbius was delayed several times because of the COVID-19 pandemic before it finally landed in theaters this past spring. In between the delays and the final release date, reshoots and re-editing of the movie resulted in the Spider-Man references from the trailer being removed and the reveal of the Vulture entering Sony’s Spider-Man Universe added to the credits.

It remains unknown if Sony will go forward with a Morbius/Vulture team up in a future project, but several other Sony Spider-Man Cinematic Universe projects are moving forward, including Venom 3, Kraven the Hunter starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Madame Web starring Dakota Johnson and El Muerto starring Bad Bunny.

Morbius will be available May 17 on Digital and June 14 on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD.

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