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Herobrine’s a name many Minecraft fans are familiar with, but there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to Minecraft’s oldest urban legend.

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Minecraft is a fairly innocent game that invites players to express their creativity in a virtually infinite sandbox. Players mine, craft, build and explore a procedurally generated world of blocks with the only real goals pretty much being the ones set by the player. In such a boundless game world where exploration is key, players are sure to stumble upon some truly strange occurrences. One such occurrence was a truly terrifying discovery made back in the days long before the horrors of the Nether.

A player once claimed to have seen something in the fog caused by their low render distance. They had just started a new world and thought it was a cow from which they could get leather. However, when they caught up to the unknown entity, they discovered that it was a default player model with totally white eyes. The entity supposedly ran into the fog and vanished, though the player would mention strange structures appearing in their game world after the event.

Minecraft What Is the Herobrine Creepypasta

This story is one of the most well-known, and fictional, gaming creepypastas out there. It originally appeared on 4chan’s /v/ board and was accompanied by an eerie image that depicted the blank-eyed player model standing in the fog. This entity would come to be known as Herobrine after the player claimed to have gotten messages from a Minecraft Forums user with the same username.

The original creepypasta certainly caught people’s attention, but it would be early Minecraft streamer, Copeland, who would catapult the Herobrine myth to widespread popularity back in August 2010. He had seen the creepypasta and wanted to stage an “encounter” with Herobrine on his stream. He first edited Herobrine into a few screenshots that he sent to his chat. From there, Copeland replaced an in-game painting with an image of Herobrine.

The actual stream that Copeland did has since been archived and confirmed to be lost, but both written accounts and clips of the staged Herobrine encounter do exist. Said encounter involves Copeland walking into his in-game house, only to come across Herobrine standing in one of the rooms. Copeland screams, and the stream promptly ends. Given he pulled this off back in 2010, this was an incredibly well-executed scare that helped elevate Herobrine’s popularity.

After the original Copeland stream, Herobrine became an iconic character in the Minecraft community. There have been countless fanworks that have featured the character, including some truly terrifying mods. Dedicated fans have even been able to figure out the exact world-generation seed that was used for the original Herobrine creepypasta image, and have since nicknamed it “Herobrine Hill.” There’s even a running joke in the official Minecraft patch notes, wherein Herobrine is “removed” in every update.

Minecraft What Is the Herobrine Creepypasta

The 2010 Copeland stream may have been incredibly convincing for the time, but it didn’t take long for the myth to be debunked. Not only did Minecraft’s creator publicly deny Herobrine’s existence, but fans had also dug into the game’s files by this point. The modding community pulled open the game’s code and made the game’s base textures publicly available, illustrating that Herobrine was not present. Still, that doesn’t change the impact Copeland’s stream had, and while the original footage has been lost, the world save was surprisingly uncovered twelve years later by YouTubers Enderboss25 and SapLow.

Being debunked didn’t hinder Herobrine’s popularity, as there are still players to this day asking for him to be officially included in Minecraft. While official Mojang employees have commented about Herobrine, there’s been conflicting answers on whether he’ll ever be added to the game. The last official stance heard was from Mojang technical director, Dinnerbone, who stated in 2012 that there were no plans to add Herobrine, and that would likely never change.

Herobrine might not ever officially be added, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t made a few cameo appearances. He’s shown up on official Minecon art, promotional material for the Minecraft LEGO sets, Mojang’s social media accounts and even as a real Minecraft account owned by someone close to the Mojang team. The first skin pack for the pre-Bedrock version of Minecraft on consoles even included Herobrine as a skin, marking the only time he’s officially “appeared” in Minecraft.

Herobrine’s less-than-likely inclusion into the game isn’t really the point. He’s been a fan-created entity from the very start, and he continues to thrive thanks to his fans to this very day. Mojang’s continued references to him in the game’s patch notes and in official art have also helped new players discover one of Minecraft’s oldest urban legends. Even if Mojang keeps him strictly a myth, the community will make sure Herobrine and the original creepypasta remain an eerie, and beloved, part of Minecraft’s legacy.

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