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Michiel van Erp makes an English film of the Japanese novel A wonderful defect | NOW

Director Michiel van Erp is going to write the book A magnificent defect by writer Arthur Japin (photo). Producer Maarten Swart of Cape Holland Film announced this on Wednesday at the Cannes Film Festival.

The shooting of the English-language film will take place in Italy, the Netherlands and Belgium and will start this week. About the protagonists of A Beautiful Imperfectionas the English title of the film is, according to Swart, Cape Holland cannot make any announcements yet.

Japin’s novel is about Lucia, the first great love of the eighteenth-century adventurer Giacomo Casanova. Fourteen-year-old Lucia and seventeen-year-old Casanova promise each other eternal fidelity, but shortly afterwards Lucia disappears, a betrayal that defines Casanova’s view of women for the rest of his life.

It’s for Van Erp na Nobody in town and Stromboli the third feature film and the third book adaptation. From Japin was previously the book But it’s party time outside filmed. Initially, Erwin Olaf would make the film A Beautiful Imperfection going to film. Due to his illness (he suffers from emphysema) he had to drop out.

“A recurring theme in my work, both in my documentaries and drama productions, is the road people have to travel to understand life and themselves,” says Van Erp. “The road that Lucia travels in A Beautiful Imperfection seems hard and bitter, but makes her – and me – see that it is possible to turn adversity into opportunity, to make your lack your great strength.”

Distributor Dutch FilmWorks will release the film in the Netherlands in due course.

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