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Maya and the Threes Triumphant Ending Explained – DNews

Netflix’s Maya and the Three has an explosive finale as the God of War, Lord Mictlan, comes hunting the resilient Maya and her friends.

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WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Maya and the Three, now streaming on Netflix.

In Netflix’s Maya and the Three, the titular young princess from Teca is charged with uniting three other warriors as part of a prophecy. She initially thinks that herself as the Eagle warrior; Rico, the Rooster wizard from Luna Island; Picchu, the Barbarian warrior from the Puma realm in the Golden Mountains and Chimi, the Skull archer from the Jungle Lands, will be enough to kill the God of War, Lord Mictlan. But the villain ends up damaging the fellowship at the Divine Gate, and as they flee and batten down the hatches, it leads to an explosive finale that shows death isn’t the end.

Death Leads to The Alliance at Teca in Maya and the Three

Maya and the Threes Triumphant Ending Explained

Sadly, Picchu dies at the gate, so all the warriors get their kingdoms to unite for a final stand, realizing the prophecy wasn’t about warriors but the respective realms. Cipactli, the Goddess of Gators, and her husband, Cabrakan, the God of Earthquakes, join them after realizing Mictlan is a madman too.

Plus, Mictlan’s beloved and Maya’s real mother, Lady Micte, the Goddess of Death, enlists as well as she wants them to stop her power-hungry husband who’s seeking to sacrifice Maya to gain the ultimate power and destroy even the god realms. It leads to a brutal war where Mictlan brings his golems and dark gods, but while it seems like the traitors are giving the humans the upper-hand, Mictlan unleashes his trump card.

The God of War Levels Up in Maya and the Three

Maya and the Threes Triumphant Ending Explained

Mictlan is desperate to kill Maya as he knows her blood will grant epic divinity. Micte and King Teca had her from an affair, with Micte once hoping to sacrifice the half-breed herself to gain power. However, she grew a heart, but while she thinks this is Mictlan’s only way to power up, he’s got other plans. He slaughters his cadre of dark gods, consuming their golden hearts.

After killing heroes like Micte and Zatz, Maya’s lover and the Prince of Bats dies, and the tyrant consumes the hearts to turn into a giant two-headed serpent. Rico tries to even the odds, creating golems of his own and then a super-golem a la Transformers and Voltron to embody the spirit of all the kingdoms, but they’re no match. Maya, however, pulls a Hail Mary of her own, opting to get into the serpent’s mouth to destroy its heart.

Maya and Mictlan Go Down in a Blaze of Glory

Maya and the Threes Triumphant Ending Explained

Maya’s trying to get inside, driven by the power of love, but as she seems set to fail, a fading Micte summons the spirits of the dead heroes from the nine episodes. Her Jaguar brothers — Lance, Daggers and Shield — help out, as well as Picchu, and they propel her into the belly of the beast.

There, Maya realizes her destiny was always to die, but on her terms. She’s battered and bruised, and as one head of the serpent enters the other to breathe its demonic fire at her, Maya just manages to stab the heart. Sadly, as Mictlan dies, Maya also dies in the explosion. His minions disintegrate to ash, but while it seems tragic, hope is restored in a heartwarming finale.

Maya and the Three Find Peace and Unity

Maya and the Threes Triumphant Ending Explained

The celestials have blessed this new legion as we see fallen soldiers from the afterlife reuniting with their families to gain closure. Rico and Lady Bruja even meet the spirit of her dad, Brujo, while Chimi meets the mom who died giving birth to her. Picchu’s with his spirit family too, as everyone gets one last goodbye. Maya’s turned into the sun with Zatz becoming the moon to maintain their loving bond.

All kingdoms are at peace with the Forest Spirit, Ah Puch, jumping into a volcano to signal a new era. In the final scene, the series flashes forward to show Rico and Chimi, married and with kids, alongside Maya’s royal family, including twins her Earth mom made during the war. They stand in awe at the sun and moon, grateful for the sacrifices the Eagle princess and her team made.

See how Maya unites the kingdoms and saves the day in Maya and the Three, with all nine episodes now streaming on Netflix.

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