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Laura Pausini tests positive for corona after Eurovision final

Photo: ANP

Italian singer and presenter Laura Pausini has contracted corona around the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. She announced this on Instagram.

Pausini disappeared from the stage during the final part of the live show because she was not feeling well. On Sunday she reported that she was suffering from low blood pressure and therefore had to take a break on the advice of the medical team. On Friday, the Italian also seemed to be ill and was largely absent from rehearsals.

“Well, something was wrong after all,” Pausini now indicates. “I haven’t been feeling well since Saturday. I thought it was because of the fatigue, but I just found out that I have corona.” Because of her positive test, Pausini is now in isolation and is not allowed to travel. As a result, she misses a performance in Florida.

The Italian Eurovision organization suddenly dropped almost all corona measures in consultation with the city of Turin last Wednesday. Delegations, the press and other employees were therefore no longer required to test before entering the arena.

Testing in PalaOlimpico turned out to be a bit of a gamble, according to those involved. People did not have to wait for their results and could simply enter the Eurovision site and possibly transfer corona there.

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