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Hugo Logtenberg stops at Op1: ‘It’s a pretty tight format’ | TV

The presenter says that he does his work “with great pleasure”, but “I will stop in the summer. I don’t know yet what I’m going to do,” said Logtenberg. “I will continue to work for NRC, I will focus again on reporting and investigative journalism, and I definitely want to write another book in the future.”

According to Logtenberg, “the fairly tight format” of On 1 the main reason he stops presenting the talk show. “Every day we discuss three or four topics and I don’t always have much influence on that. But the program stands. 850,000 people watch it every day,” he told the newspaper.

Logtenberg started his On 1career as a presenter together with Sophie Hilbrand. Later, Nadia Moussaid took over from his fellow presenter.

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