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Géza Weisz sees the fun in a replacement role in Fuck de love 2 | NOW

The entire cast of the romantic comedy fuck the love is back from Friday for a sequel, except for one person. Because his agenda did not allow it at the end of 2021, Thijs Römer dropped out for the role of Jim. Géza Weisz takes his place in the Netflix film. “We could both laugh about it,” Weisz tells

“I just happened to talk to Thijs about it,” Weisz begins. “He is naturally blond and tall, I am – unfortunately for me – not. So in appearance I may not be the first person you would think of. Originally I was going to play a different role in this film, but then I was asked to replace Thijs.”

“We get along very well, so I don’t think he has lost any sleep over it. As if I am now the great danger that all his roles will be taken away, haha.”

Weisz doesn’t think the role change will cause much commotion. “The second part of the film is another new and standalone story, so I expect we’ll get away with it. Anyway, I really enjoyed playing the part of Jim.”

‘I recognize myself in Jim’

In Fuck the Love 2 Weisz can be seen as a bon vivant who, after a long world trip, comes to the realization that he wants to give his relationship a new chance. However, Lisa (Bo Maerten) is not immediately eager. “Jim wants to be free and carefree in life,” says Weisz. “But now he is starting to see that he is no longer happy with that fluttering around. I recognize myself in that.”

“It took me a long time to get into an adult relationship,” Weisz continues. “If you want to enter into such a love, you also let go of another life for it. For that surrender you get a lot in return, but that has been a learning process for me. I have now had a happy relationship for four years and I have left that restless existence behind me.”

Weisz has recently collaborated with Netflix more often. He was recently featured in the international documentary series Voices of Liberation and later this year the Dutch action film will be released The Takeover. “As an actor, I always crave to play in a movie,” he says. “But I am very happy that streaming services have so much to offer. It gives many opportunities, also to be seen outside the Netherlands.”

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