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French director Luc Besson will not be prosecuted for rape | NOW

French director Luc Besson, who was accused of rape by a Dutch actress, is not being prosecuted. That is what the Court of Appeal in France decided on Tuesday, report French media

The Court of Appeal can challenge previous decisions in cases.

In 2019, after months of investigation, the public prosecutor in France decided not to prosecute, because there would be no evidence.

But in October of that year, a French judge decided to reopen the investigation against the 62-year-old film director. At the end of 2021, the public prosecutor asked the judge to waive prosecution.

Multiple allegations of sexually inappropriate behavior

A Dutch-Belgian actress was the first to come forward with accusations. After her, eight more women accused Besson of sexually inappropriate behavior. One of them has filed a report.

An assistant to the director also made a statement to the police. In it, she claimed to have had sexual contact with him three times without her consent.

As proof, she showed passages from her diary and a note that Besson had written for her. The director left this note after he allegedly drugged her in a hotel room and then abused her.

Besson became world famous thanks to films like The Fifth ElementLucy and Tasks

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