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Former driver Piquet apologizes to Hamilton, but defends choice of words | NOW

Nelson Piquet apologized in a statement on Wednesday for his racist comments about Lewis Hamilton. The Brazilian emphasized that his statements were taken in the wrong way.

“What I said was ill-considered, and I’m not defending it, but I want to emphasize that in Brazil, among others, the term is widely used simply as a term for ‘man’ or ‘person’,” Piquet said.

Piquet used the racist word ‘neguinho’ (Brazilian for ‘nigger’) to refer to Hamilton at the British Grand Prix last November. The statements have resurfaced in recent days and have caused quite a stir.

“I would never use the word I’ve been accused of in some translations,” Piquet continued. “I strongly condemn the word used by me with the intention of belittling a driver because of the color of his skin.”

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