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Flute concerto does not hurt Onana: ‘I don’t care’ | Football

Just before half time, the goalkeeper made a mistake, as a result of which Joeri de Kamps gave Sparta a 0-1 lead with a wonderful bang. “I wanted to play Ryan, but that was the wrong choice. That’s part of it, it’s up to me to learn from my mistakes. It’s just people’s sense that I’m less. It’s part of life, you can’t always win. These kinds of mistakes are necessary to get stronger,” said Onana in front of the camera of ESPN

Onana could then count on a flute concert, but that does not affect the Cameroon international, in his own words. “I don’t care, I know what I’ve done for this club. They can sing, they can cry, I don’t care. I’ll be here for a few more weeks and people will be critical of that. That is part of it.”

The goalie admitted moments later that he had seen better times under the bar in Amsterdam. “I’m certainly not in my best shape, but if you guys want to talk about that, go ahead. You can say what you want, I still love you.”

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