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FC Twente Women give title extra shine with great comeback at Ajax | Football

The team of coach Robert de Pauw was allowed to visit the rival from the capital with a whopping 9-0 loss. Yet the women from Enschede refused to count themselves rich beforehand. Perhaps also because earlier this season they lost 1-5 to Ajax in the cup tournament at home.

Kamikaze mentality

The special starting position of both clubs ensured a surreal start. Both teams started with a kind of kamikaze mentality. One-on-one situations were almost continuous. It resulted in several great chances on both sides. After half an hour it was Ajax that managed to break the spell via Romée Leuchter, after an assist from fellow international Victoria Pelova. A small group of Amsterdam fans started to believe in a stunt and chanted ‘ten, ten, ten’.

Under the watchful eye of national coach Mark Parsons, the hope of the Ajax public was revived after 35 minutes. After a nice felling movement, Chasity Grant controlled the 2-0 behind FC Twente goalkeeper Daphne van Domselaar.

in the lock

Immediately after the break, the Amsterdam dream shattered. Anna-Lena Stolze closed the game by tapping in the 2-1 within ninety seconds. By goals from substitutes Elena Dhont and Kim Everaerts, a victory was still dragged out of the fire, so that the drinks will taste extra good for the FC Twente players on Friday evening.

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Thanks to winning the championship, De Pauw can leave Enschede with his head held high. Remarkably enough, both parties announced during the winter that they would not continue with each other. There was no click from the start between the group of players and the coach, which makes the title extra special.

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