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Bouwman beaten by Ciccone on the first col of the day | NOW

142 km to go – Ciccone feels like it and moves on!

143 km to go – Ai, Koen Bouwman is beaten by Giulio Ciccone on top of the Goletto di Cadino. As a result, the Italian is no less than 22 points behind the Dutchman in the mountains classification.

145 km to go – Two kilometers to the top. We see Koen Bouwman sneaking forward in the leading group.

Another 146 km – Cataldo shakes the tree in the leading group and a few riders immediately have to release. Among them also Pascal Eenkhoorn, but he has already released this stage and came back.

149 km to go – A somewhat more transparent situation has now arisen. The leading group of 22 men drives 1.25 for the chasing group.

Another 151 km – Natnael Tesfatsion has given up and is leaving the Giro. The cause is not yet known.

Another 156 km – Now it is Unicorn who is released from the leading group. What a stage this has been so far.

Another 157 km – An overview is hard to find in this phase of the stage. There is no longer a peloton, just groups of riders. The leading group now consists of 22 riders, including five Dutchmen.

Another 159 km – Van der Poel is released from the first leading group. Bouwman is just trying to make the crossing from the second group to the leading group.

160 km to go – There are now eighteen riders in the lead, 31 seconds behind it rides what’s left of the pack.

163 km to go – It doesn’t go up as steeply as before. The non-climbers can recuperate for a while and get ready for the Goletto di Cadino.

Another 164 km – Things have gone very fast in the steep landscape of Lombardy. The pursuers overtook the leading group. There are now about fifteen men in the lead. There is no longer a platoon. And there are still three cols to come today…

165 km to go – A chasing group has jumped out of the pack and is chasing the leading group!

Still 167.5 km – Wout Poels has now been released and is back in the pack. The Belgian Harm Vanhoucke rides solo between the leading group and the peloton.

168 km to go – It’s not an official category climb, but the route is quite hilly at this stage of the stage. The peloton is now being torn to pieces.

170 km to go – This is the situation now: the Van der Poel group (six riders) is 52 seconds ahead of the peloton. Vanhoucke and Poels are driving between the peloton and the leading group.

172 km to go – Wout Poels also escapes from the peloton and makes a gap, accompanied by Harm Vanhoucke.

178 km to go – The peloton starts something and reduces the lead of the leading group to 37 seconds.

185 km to go – The lead of the Van der Poel/Eenkhoorn group on the peloton is 58 seconds.

188 km to go – Several riders are now trying to jump away from the pack. It’s heading!

191 km to go – In 30 kilometers the Goletto di Cadino starts, a climb of 19.9 kilometers at 6.2 percent. A long descent then offers the riders the chance to recover.

193 km to go – Why is a sprinter like Mark Cavendish in the attack? By starting the climbs with a small time lead, they hope they will have an easier battle against the time limit today.

194 km to go – These are the six riders in front: Eenkhoorn, Van der Poel, Peters, De Gendt, Juul-Jensen and Cavendish. They are ahead of seventeen seconds on the peloton.

199 km to go – There are a total of five riders with the Van der Poel group and there is a small gap with the peloton.

Another 201 km – Grass is green, the sky is blue, Van der Poel attacks. Again it is the combative Dutchman who sets the fuse in the powder keg. We are on the way!

202 km to go – We are on our way and there is immediately a fanatic attack. That bodes well for today.

Sonny Colbrelli is also present at the start and whispers some final advice to Wout Poels.

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