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Borderlands 3 players can only encounter the Maxitrillion mini boss in one specific area, and he can be surprisingly tough to bring down.

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Borderlands 3 is packed with special enemies for players to hunt down, ranging from rare creatures to powerful humans. Maxitrillion is somewhere in the middle, and Borderlands 3 players looking for the rare robot will need to make a long trip.

Similar to enemies like Borman Nates, players can get the side quest from Sanctuary 3. However, it drops at random, so players will need to keep checking the bounty board to see if the objective has appeared. If the quest has shown up, gamers should set course for Eden 6, the jungle planet where the Jakobs portion of the main story took place.

Maxitrillion’s Location

Borderlands Maxitrillion Location

Once players have selected Eden 6, they should head to the Voracious Canopy location. Specifically, they will want to head to the Family Jewel, the crashed ship that is visited as part of one of Borderlands 3’s main story quests. The Family Jewel itself is a massive maze, ensuring that it will take several minutes to clear out the entire ship. To make things easier, players should run through as many enemies as they can, with the goal being to reach the vending machines and respawn point at the top of the ship.

Another trick to make finding Maximillion easier would be to progress to the top of the ship, stopping right by the vending machine before the GenIVIV boss battle. However, instead of heading into the arena, Borderlands 3 fans should head down a level. After going through a broken door, they will then want to go to the right side of this floor and enter a side room with a tree, which holds the unique red robot.

Killing And Looting Maxitrillion

Borderlands Maxitrillion Location

Maxitrillion is one of the more unique mini bosses in Borderlands 3, as his main attack is actually a defensive ability. The boss holds its two arms in front of it, with the blades on each end spinning in circles. This deflects all incoming bullets, something that will likely down unsuspecting players that fire in Maximillion’s direction. To counter this effect, players should use explosive weapons, aiming at the robot’s feet to cause splash damage. Alternatively, Amara players can phase grasp the enemy to deny the defensive attack, though other Vault Hunters will need to either flank the enemy or use grenades and explosive weapons.

Maximillion has an increased chance to drop two of Borderlands 3’s legendary weapons. The Horizon is a Tediore shotgun that can be shot after it is thrown, with the result being a singularity that drags in enemies and explodes. If not shot, it will track down one specific foe before blowing up. The other weapon is the ASMD, a sniper rifle that fires an energy orb and energy bolt at enemies. It will always be a shock weapon. While the loot is decent, this is a truly unique fight.

Borderlands 3 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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