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BNNVara pulls the plug from 3FM show Sander Hoogendoorn: ‘Quite a bit sad’ | TV

“I have known for a few weeks that this morning show is going to stop. That I have to stop. I was told by my broadcaster BNNVara that we will not continue in the future and that the end of the team of friends is approaching,” says Hoogendoorn in the broadcast. The DJ thinks the decision to stop from Friday 24 June is “super unfortunate, because I would have liked to continue for years. (…) I am very sorry and quite a bit sad about it.”

The presenter says he considered giving up early. “I have chosen to keep doing the show until the end. I could also have said: bye, good luck, I’m leaving. (…) I also thought: ‘okay, I’ll give up and let everyone have their fill’. But in the end I’m not here for BNNVara and not necessarily for 3FM. I see here for you, the listener, and I sit here for myself. Because I really like it.”

Sanders craftsmanship

A spokesperson for BNNVara will inform The Telegraph: “Sander has made the morning show for four years. At BNNVara we always consider what is best for the maker, the broadcaster and the broadcaster. We have a lot of confidence in Sander and his craftsmanship, and we think he would do better elsewhere in the programming. We are discussing this with each other.” NPO 3FM will continue to discuss with the broadcasters how and by whom the morning show will be completed after Hoogendoorn’s departure.

Sander Hoogendoorn managed more than 180 radio stations in thirty countries at the same time in March 2020 You’ll Never Walk Alone by Gerry & The Pacemakers. The campaign was intended to encourage all employees in vital professions. Hoogendoorn’s initiative was voted the radio moment of the year.

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