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Birgit Schuurman gave birth on New Year’s Eve | gossip

“The best end of the year!” Birgit writes on Instagram on Saturday with a photo of the brand new family. In the picture, the family is lying in a hospital bed and Sander is holding the newborn boy close to him. Birgit announces that Jimi was born on December 31.

Birgit announced the news about her pregnancy last summer. In addition to congratulations, she also received comments about her age. Some people thought the singer would be too old to have another baby. She responded via Instagram. “You are as old as you feel. You don’t stop playing cause you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing. And since I’m still playing Lego for years and playing hide-and-seek, I think it’s okay with moi,” said the singer.

Birgit had son Chico, who is now 12 years old, from a previous relationship.

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