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As if puberty wasn’t already hard enough, Nick can’t catch a break and has switched Hormone Monsters a few times throughout Big Mouth.

You Are Reading :Big Mouth Every Hormone Monster Nick Has

Big Mouth uses Hormone Monsters to inject humor into topics that are typically downright awkward to discuss. There has been a multitude of Hormone Monsters introduced over Big Mouth’s four seasons. Much like their human counterparts, each monster is unique, imparting a different area of expertise and advice for their assigned adolescent.

While most of the teenagers seem to form unbreakable bonds with their Hormone Monsters, poor Nick can’t catch a break. As if puberty wasn’t already hard enough, he’s switched Hormone Monsters a few times throughout the series. Let’s discuss Nick’s many Hormone Monsters and the impact they had on the character.


Big Mouth Every Hormone Monster Nick Has

Rick is an elderly, dysfunctional Hormone Monster. To make matters worse, he was first introduced as Coach Steve’s client in Season 1. To Nick’s horror, Rick becomes his first Hormone Monster in the Season 1 episode, “The Pornscape.” Unlike Coach Steve, Nick despises Rick for his poor advice and overall grossness. Nick is finally relieved of Rick in the Season 2 episode, “Steve the Virgin,” but is given Tyler as a replacement with similarly disastrous results.

Rick returns as Nick’s Hormone Monster in the future-themed Season 4 episode, “Nick Starr.” Nick’s futuristic musings turn into a reality when a disagreement with Connie inserts Rick back into his life. Although Nick isn’t thrilled, Season 4’s later episodes display a different relationship between the two. Nick may not be thrilled with Rick, but it seems he’s gotten used to the aging Hormone Monster’s weirdness, treating him more like a confused grandfather as opposed to a mentor.

Besides Rick’s strangeness, he is challenging to understand, which remains a running gag throughout the series. Rick’s advice is often a little too out there, forcing Nick to ignore his Hormone Monster and make his own decisions. Their strained relationship seems to showcase Nick’s independence when navigating the tribulations of puberty. He is less controlled by hormones, and therefore, more mature than most of his friends.


Big Mouth Every Hormone Monster Nick Has

After Rick retires as Nick’s Hormone Monster in Season 2, Tyler steps in. While Rick is old and supposedly experienced, Tyler is young and ignorant. Resembling an over-excited teenager, it’s clear right from the get-go Tyler isn’t ready to guide children through the puberty process yet. Once again, Nick gets the short end of the stick, becoming the first adolescent of the Hormone Monster-in-Training.

Throughout Season 2, Tyler encourages Nick to make many mistakes, which ultimately damages the relationship with his romantic interest and fellow student, Gina. It’s later revealed that Tyler was following orders from the Shame Wizard. Fed up with Tyler’s immaturity and secret alliance with the Shame Wizard, Nick fires the juvenile Hormone Monster. Connie is then sent in as his replacement in the final episode of Season 2.


Big Mouth Every Hormone Monster Nick Has

Connie is the first Hormone Monstress introduced in Big Mouth. As a female, Connie is usually assigned to girls approaching puberty. However, she unexpectedly becomes Nick’s main Hormone Monster in the Season 2 episode, “The Department of Puberty,” after Tyler is fired from the position. Initially, Nick is confused why he’s been assigned a female Hormone Monster, but Connie ensures him it’s completely normal. We come to find out Connie’s confidence is a facade, and Nick is actually the first boy she’s ever worked with.

Unlike Rick and Tyler, Connie’s relationship with Nick is the most successful. The duo ends up navigating a variety of sticky situations with mutual respect. However, Connie also the Hormone Monster of Nick’s close friend Jessi, which often complicates things. In Season 4, “A Very Special 9/11 Episode,” Connie gets caught in a disagreement between Nick and Jessi. Nick is angry with Connie for encouraging Jessi’s toxic relationship with an older guy. After a heated blowout where Nick insult’s Connie’s beloved hair, Connie decides to retire as his hormone monster. Nick claims he is perfectly fine with her decision until he is paired back up with Rick, bringing his pubescent journey full circle.

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