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And Just Like That Gives Carrie Bradshaw The Perfect Ending Again – DNews

Sex and the City’s finale gave Carrie a perfect ending, but And Just Like That… shows how much more of her life she has ahead of her.

You Are Reading :And Just Like That Gives Carrie Bradshaw The Perfect Ending Again

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for And Just Like That… Season 1, Episode 10, now streaming on HBO Max.

With Sex and the City, the show’s creators gave Carrie Bradshaw a fitting ending, but by continuing the series since they had to find new conclusions for the character that could work just as well. The sequel series And Just Like That… carried the most weight of any ending because as far as anyone knew, it was the final chapter of her story.

Luckily, the series finale managed to stick the landing. With the love of her life gone and a year of grief behind her, Carrie found a way forward that felt both true to the character and satisfying for audiences. If this is indeed the last time viewers see her they’re leaving her in the best possible place.

And Just Like That Gives Carrie Bradshaw The Perfect Ending  Again

Sex and the City’s finale in 2004 capped off Carrie’s romantic misadventures as she found professional success and deepened the valuable relationships she had with her friends. Her true love ended up being the same old flame she had all along — as Mr. Big humanized over the course of the series into the man she needed him to be. The last episode, which revealed his name to be John Preston, left off with the two wildly in love and more committed to each other than ever. That love then became Carrie’s biggest challenge in And Just Like That…

After getting married in the intervening movies, Carrie and John’s happily ever after ended quite unhappily at the start of the revival. After John had a heart attack that made Carrie a widow, much of the series dealt with her grief, coming to terms with his death, and accepting her new life without him. She finally came to a place where she started dating again, forming a relationship with a widower named Peter whose similar struggles allowed Carrie to find solace. But as charming as Peter was, the series didn’t leave off with the two advancing their relationship. Instead, Carrie ended up with her producer — and that was perfect.

And Just Like That Gives Carrie Bradshaw The Perfect Ending  Again

Little is known about Carrie’s producer Franklyn throughout the season and he is barely a character — let alone portrayed as the perfect soulmate for Carrie. But the right note the finale hits is that the story isn’t really about Carrie finding her soulmate; it’s about her moving on. With Peter, she complained about a lack of a spark, that kissing him just felt like two pairs of lips touching, but as she and Franklyn engage in an amorous embrace it’s clear there are sparks between them. Having just spread John’s ashes in Paris and starting a new podcast of her very own, the sendoff is perfect for the character because it restores her independence.

For a series so centrally focused on the independence of its quartet of women, Sex and the City’s ending compromised that feminist spirit by insinuating that each woman merely needed to find their one true love in order to be truly happy. While the series did much to emphasize the importance of self-love and independence, the sequel underlines that message better. Carrie’s relationship with John was a major part of her life and deserved its chapter, but in the wake of his death it was the right decision for the franchise to emphasize her ability to move on without him rather than simply replacing him with a new male figure.

And Just Like That Gives Carrie Bradshaw The Perfect Ending  Again

As far as endings go, Carrie’s stands out the best by the series’ end. Miranda’s story gets hijacked by her relationship with Che as she sacrifices her internship, studies, and future career goals for the sake of following Che to Los Angeles in order for the comedian to film a pilot that might be successful. Charlotte, while happy with her husband Harry and their children, doesn’t really receive a final sendoff or insinuation about her future at all.

Maybe that’s because the series isn’t really over. It wouldn’t be the first limited series to come back anyway, and further episodes could give everyone’s stories the chance to further develop. If that’s the case, this may not be the last of Carrie Bradshaw’s endings… but so far it stands out as the best one.

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