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Aleksandra new number 1 in Bestseller 60

Photo: ANP

Lisa Weeda’s book Aleksandra is the new number 1 in the Bestseller 60 of the CPNB Foundation. In the book, Weeda reconstructs her family history for her grandmother, which leads back to Ukraine.

The book has been on the list for several weeks and has risen from tenth to first place this week. There are also two other titles in the list that deal with Russian President Putin: We need to talk about Putin by Mark Galeotti in place 40, and the book The New Czar by journalist Steven Lee Myers is in 54th place.

The bestseller list also has eight new titles, of which A Timeless Love by Santa Montefiore is the highest ranked, in second place. Sywerts millions from Jan-Hein Strop and Stefan Vermeulen, who last week still topped the list, ends up outside the top ten with a thirteenth place.

Books Top 10

(listing, quoted in brackets last week, author, title. Source: CPNB. See:

1. (10) Lisa Weeda – Aleksandra

2. (-) Santa Montefiore – A timeless love

3. (3) Hanneke de Zoete – The Sweet Sisters joke book

4. (4) Charlie Mackesy – The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse

5. (-) Paul Verhaeghe – Intimate Strangers

6. (5) Isabel Allende – Violeta

7. (9) Delia Owens – Where the crayfish sing

8. (2) Frank Krake – The Greatest Bank Robbery of All Time

9. (7) Jussi Adler-Olsen – Sodium Chloride

10. (-) Susan Smit – The Wisdom of the Witch

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