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After bicycle accident: Cas Jansen back to work at GTST | TV

His role is temporarily taken over by Wouter Zweers, who can therefore be seen as that character for the first time from Monday. Zweers is according to RTL Boulevard until the summer cliff hanger to be seen as Julian Verduyn.

Jansen announced at the beginning of May that he had almost recovered from the accident with his e-bike. His teeth are “completely whole again,” he said in a video on Instagram. “It really feels like a victory, after two months it is now fully recovered.”

‘Teeth discomfort’

The accident, in which he fell with his head on the asphalt with “a very hard blow,” shook his life “quite a bit,” he wrote in the video. “A broken jaw, chin, hand and a lot of tooth discomfort made me realize how vulnerable we are.”

Jansen returned in 2019 after a twenty-year absence in GTST† He previously played the character between 1996 and 1999.

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