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Entertainment53 mins ago

Rihanna gave birth to her first child

Rihanna and A$ap Rocky have welcomed a son, TMZ reports. The boy was born last week in Los Angeles.

Entertainment4 hours ago

New Monopoly Game Reveals Story from Stranger Things Fourth Series | NOW

Images of parts of a new monopoly– themed game Stranger Things accidentally betrayed the course of the new series, reports...

Entertainment4 hours ago

Chinese angry that they do not stay dry under Gucci’s ‘umbrella’

Photo: ANP The Chinese lash out on social media platform Weibo at the ‘umbrella’ that luxury brand Gucci and sports...

Entertainment5 hours ago

Moloch is a direct hit, especially from a stylistic point of view

It is haunted in and around the Drenthe peat swamp. In one of Moloch’s finest moments, a concerned resident has...

Entertainment9 hours ago

Uncomfortable moment about dress style during date | Video

Uncomfortable moment about dress style during date Video11:50 Willem and Romy are on a date in the program Long Live...

Entertainment9 hours ago

Moloch is a psychological horror from the polder: ‘This script is so mysterious and weird’

White women, dolmens, bog bodies: why is Dutch history not a suitable breeding ground for the horror genre? Yet, now...

Entertainment10 hours ago

Jersey Shore returns to TV with new cast | TV

During the presentation of the upcoming programming, the channel also announced that a spin-off of the program was in the...

Entertainment10 hours ago

Filmmaker Brandt Andersen worked with refugees for 10 years for his film Refugee: ”I wanted to tell their stories”

In the spotlight this week via ShortsTV the short film refugee† War, refugees and heartbreaking stories… It has now been...

Entertainment10 hours ago

OM summons singer Glennis Grace for violence and abuse

Photo: ANP Singer Glennis Grace will appear in court in Amsterdam on October 26. The Public Prosecution Service is summoning...