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15 OP Anime Characters That Could OneShot Goku – DNews

Is Goku really the strongest warrior in fiction? Or are there 15 other anime characters able to take him on… in one shot, no less? Let’s find out!

You Are Reading :15 OP Anime Characters That Could OneShot Goku

Dragon Ball fans tend to hold Goku in pretty high regard, at least when it comes to his sheer, overwhelming power. After starting off as a wee baby with a power level in the one digits, the Goku we know today trains with the gods of his universe. Considering how strong he’s become, it’s hard to imagine Goku getting one-shotted by anyone; but believe us, all it would take is a bored anime character looking to have a little fun with him. As powerful as Goku is, there are a number of characters out there who would make a total rag doll of the man. The differences in power between Goku and the heroes and villains that follow are so vast, the Dragon Ball poster boy can spend a thousand years in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, and he’d still be punched to Hades in time for his opponent to rush back to the supermarket and get a bag of kiwis on sale before it closes.

Compared to these anime characters, Goku’s supposedly overwhelming strength is cute at best. Don’t blame us — we’re just the messengers here. Blame the manga writers who gave life to these incomprehensible power levels, and maybe blame (with deep respect) Akira Toriyama for not giving Goku’s arsenal an extra dimensional boost here and there. The following are 15 anime characters who can destroy Goku without even breaking a sweat.


15 OP Anime Characters That Could OneShot Goku

We hope that Goku will be in a happy, playful mood for this battle, as that might make the difference in him living a few minutes longer than he would otherwise. All Zeno really wants to do is hang out and have fun, maybe play a board game or something.

On the other hand, anyone who upsets the Omni King is likely to be one-shotted before they can form a thought against it. If Goku doesn’t want to play a game of Tic-Tac-Toe with his opponent, and instead seeks to prove his superiority with a fully charged Kamehameha, Zeno will destroy him and his entire universe before looking for a cookie in another one.


15 OP Anime Characters That Could OneShot Goku

If Ryuk fought against Goku, we wouldn’t be witnessing much of a show. Goku would be on his end of the arena, keeping his guard up against an invisible opponent. We might hear the faint scribble of a pen on paper, then watch the Saiyan warrior swing desperately for 40 seconds, trying to hit an enemy he can’t possibly touch, until his heartbeat stopped.

For Ryuk, fighting Goku would be boring. He only needs to write his opponent’s name in the Death Note, and since he’s a Shinigami, he can neither be seen nor touched while doing his work. The fight would be over in under a minute, then Ryuk would go back to eating apples and bugging Light.


15 OP Anime Characters That Could OneShot Goku

This fight is sure to put on a decent show, though it won’t last very long, either. The duration of the match would likely depend on Saitama’s mood and schedule. For example, if he’s in a rush to make it to the supermarket on his way home, he’s likely to handle his opponent with a single punch and rush out of the arena.

Goku is very strong, but he usually needs to put some elbow grease into winning his fights. Meanwhile, Saitama’s greatest enemy is his eternal lack of a challenge. So far, there’s nothing in One Punch Man that suggests Saitama can’t destroy Goku, but everything we do know about the Hero for Fun seems to imply that he can.


15 OP Anime Characters That Could OneShot Goku

This entry might surprise some, but we mustn’t forget Rhydon’s strongest move: Horn Drill. If this attack connects on Goku, it’s Super Saiyan lights out for good. Since he’s so used to play-fighting with Earth’s most ferocious beasts, Goku isn’t likely to take Rhydon seriously as they start the battle.

This would be the Saiyan’s doom, since all Rhydon would need is to land one move. For Goku to stand a chance here, he would have to be a Ghost type, totally immune to Normal type moves like Horn Drill. He isn’t one now, but he will be after the battle.


15 OP Anime Characters That Could OneShot Goku

If the two top stars of ’90s anime were to face off in an all-out battle, it would be totally one-sided, and not in Goku’s favor. The Saiyan’s hair candle will do nothing to intimidate the Lunar Princess. Goku can holler all day and night, reaching Super Saiyan 10 if he wants to, but Usagi Tsukino’s goddess status puts her in a whole other tier.

She doesn’t even have to demonstrate her vastly superior speed and erasure ability — if she wanted to, she can melt the matter surrounding their fight, twisting Goku’s face toward his own one-shot KO. For Goku’s sake, if these two ever meet, we hope they’d be on the same side.


15 OP Anime Characters That Could OneShot Goku

All paths lead to the ultimate Truth, regardless of the road we take to get there. If Goku ever crosses through the door that lies at the end of space and time, this is the face he would be met with. Truth doesn’t usually engage in fist fights — being absolutely omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent, he really never has to.

However, this Tier 0 character enjoys amusement wherever he can find it, and wouldn’t mind indulging in some combat for the sake of this list. Hopefully he’ll find it in his extra dimensional heart to bring Goku back once the battle is over, because after one shot from Truth, the Saiyan’s atoms would be scattered throughout the multiverse.


15 OP Anime Characters That Could OneShot Goku

Granted, Goku can probably take Alucard on if the latter had some of his restrictions in place. However, at Restriction Level 0, when Alucard has full control over the range of his devastating abilities, there’s no possible threat that Goku can form in response.

Ol’ Drac will morph into a mass of pure shadow, making himself immune to any of Goku’s moves. Once Alucard’s fangs connect, we’d watch our hero fade away, having fallen to an opponent legions outside of his league. Superhuman strength and faster-than-light speed doesn’t count for very much when faced with the immortal king of vampires.


15 OP Anime Characters That Could OneShot Goku

Lain would never seek quarrel with Goku. In most cases, this teeny bopper likes to keep to herself. Her idea of a good time is an evening spent alone at home, losing herself in The Wired. Her omni-potential within the realm of the internet was obvious early on in Serial Experiments Lain.

However, when Lain broke the barrier between The Wired and the real world, it became clear that she’s a legitimate god of gods. Lain inhabits everything and everyone, including Goku. She wouldn’t want to one-shot him in a list like this, since she’d rather not hurt a fly. However, if her own laws of nature deem it necessary, Lain will consider it done.


15 OP Anime Characters That Could OneShot Goku

While the warriors in the Dragon Ball universe operate at a high frequency, let’s have a look at Mestipho Pheles from Blue Exorcist if we want a taste of a more abstract level of power. Despite Goku’s speed, no one is faster than time, and Mephisto is the King of Time.

He can keep Goku frozen in the same moment for as long as he needs. Whenever he’s ready, he can use his telekinesis to stop Goku’s clock from ticking, if you catch our drift. Mephisto wouldn’t even need to use his Flaming Pentagram in this fight, though he might show it off anyway.


15 OP Anime Characters That Could OneShot Goku

We get it — it’s tough knowing that the most powerful Saiyan warrior in 18 universes would get one-shotted by another little high schooler. We see a Dragon Ball film reel in our minds; all the crazy villains that were defeated after testing Goku’s last limit.

Well, Haruhi Suzumiya from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya would have omitted each of them with only one decisive move. She probably wouldn’t realize what she’s doing, but the outcome would be the same. There are only a couple characters in the Dragon Ball mythos that could warp reality like this youngling can — Goku and his enemies are not among them.


15 OP Anime Characters That Could OneShot Goku

Dimensional quake detected! Goku’s challenge has awoken Kami Tenchi. Now the very shell of the third dimension is breaking, and even the tenacious Saiyan is starting to think his opponent might be a little much for him. Meeting such a powerful character makes Goku want to spend the next month in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, but no amount of training would ever make him a deity.

God-level status is a birthright, and Tenchi Masaki is the only one in this fight to have claimed it. We just hope his awakening here won’t end up cracking our multiverse in half like an egg.


15 OP Anime Characters That Could OneShot Goku

The Creator sits firmly in Tier 0 along with the rest of the deities in here. In his infinite wisdom and patience, he would surely give Goku a chance to leave the fight, but when has our Saiyan hero ever walked away from a challenge? We can imagine that Goku’s strongest move would be a supercharged Spirit Bomb.

With all his experience, he can probably make the blue orb as big as a planet. Still, what good would that do against an opponent with an omniverse-level destructive capacity? One sharp blink, and Goku’s gone — one other blink, and he might be back again, depending on The Creator’s mood.


15 OP Anime Characters That Could OneShot Goku

If ever Goku runs into Yugi Moto in an alley late at night, he’d better hope the master duelist doesn’t have his grandfather’s best deck with him. Yugi wouldn’t last a second with Goku in hand-to-hand combat, but if he manages to summon the great Exodia, this Super Saiyan would have no answer whatsoever.

No matter how many Life Points Goku might have, the number would go down to 0 after Exodia’s attack. Simply put, once Exodia is summoned, the game is over in a blinding flash of light. Exodia would then return to his slumber, waiting for the next time his five pieces are assembled again.


15 OP Anime Characters That Could OneShot Goku

The debate in fandom comparing Saint Seiya power levels to those in Dragon Ball still rages to this day. Despite what we’ve seen from our DB heroes, they’re just fighting at an inferior level compared to the Gold Saints. That tribe is strong, to say the least, and Sagittarius Seiya is mythologized as the most powerful among them.

While Goku draws his strength from his own ki, Sagittarius Aiolos is driven by the fiber of the cosmos itself. He summons Big Bang-level energy in performing his every strike, so just imagine what Goku would look like after Aiolos sends a Sagittarius Arrow his way.


15 OP Anime Characters That Could OneShot Goku

As surprising as it might be to hear, there’s a character even more powerful than Zeno in the Dragon Ball universe. In fact, this guy is infinitely more powerful than the Omni King, who himself is infinitely powerful. That’s because he created Zeno, Goku and the entire multiverse containing them.

We’re talking about Tori-Bot — the odd lad who pops up from time to time in the Dragon Ball manga. This is the avatar of Akira Toriyama himself, the man responsible for this glorious story. As much as it would break his heart to one-shot his beloved Saiyan son, he would do it in this list with the stroke of a pencil, just to prove a point.

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