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Sports anime make fans with otherwise no knowledge about sports become entranced by each play their favorite characters make.

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Sports anime is wildly popular, and for several good reasons. Sports anime is one of the most outstanding subgenres within shonen. Popular titles such as Haikyuu!, Kuroko’s Basketball, and Sk8 The Infinity are just a few masterpieces in this anime genre.

Even if one isn’t a sports fan, they’ll be cheering for the team of their choice because these anime are just so great. Sports anime make fans with otherwise no knowledge about sports become entranced by each play their favorite characters make. Any sport could become the subject of an anime, so the possibilities are endless.

10 Sports Anime Encourages Exercise

10 Best Things About Sports Anime

Anime can certainly be inspiring for a variety of reasons. Sports anime, of course, is no different. Aside from the important lessons that sports anime can teach, the subgenre can also encourage exercise.

When fans see their favorite characters push themselves to the limits, it can be inspiring to viewers to be more mindful of their own physical health. Fans may even become so enamored by the sport shown in the anime that they may feel compelled to start playing it themselves.

9 Fans Grieve Their Favorite Teams’ Losses & Celebrate Their Wins

10 Best Things About Sports Anime

Fans of sports anime respond to wins and losses the same way that fans of real-life sports do. They grieve their favorite teams’ losses and celebrate their victories. There are multiple teams to love in some anime, such as Haikyuu! or Kuroko’s Basketball.

Sometimes, the main team faces off against another fan-favorite team, which causes complicated emotions for the fandom all the way around. It can be nerve-wracking when a fans’ favorite teams play against each other because ultimately, one of their favorite characters will end up defeated and sad, while the other will feel accomplished and proud of themselves. One thing is sure: the fandom will cause an uproar on social media from their glass case of emotion, no matter what the result is.

8 Sports Anime Has Much More To Offer Than Just Sports

10 Best Things About Sports Anime

Though the primary focus of this subgenre is sports, it has much more to offer than just that. There are several important themes and lessons to take away from sports anime. For example, Sk8 The Infinity reiterates how important it is never to forget your happiness and never forget how fun it is to do what you love.

Kuroko’s Basketball reinforces the importance of never becoming arrogant in your abilities because there’s always a more challenging opponent just around the corner. Of course, sports anime has overarching themes of teamwork and refusing to give up that are equally as important.

7 Sports Anime Can Be Appreciated By All Demographics

10 Best Things About Sports Anime

While other shonen anime can be a bit inappropriate for younger viewers and too unrealistic for some older viewers, sports anime is generally appropriate for all ages. Older adults may find sports anime enjoyable while their favorite real-life sport isn’t currently in season. Younger viewers may view the characters as role models and feel inspired to join their school’s team.

Since sports anime is so diverse, it’s easy for everybody to become enthralled by. There’s a sports anime out there for absolutely everybody. In fact, sports anime may be the best starting point for those who are new to watching anime.

6 There Are So Many Sports Anime To Choose From

10 Best Things About Sports Anime

For every sport, there’s at least one anime centered around it. Of course, action-oriented sports such as volleyball, basketball, and soccer have quite a few titles to choose from. For baseball fans, Princess Nine and Ace No Diamond are excellent titles.

There are even anime about cycling and skateboarding, such as Yowamushi Pedal and Sk8 The Infinity, respectively. Even figure skating has the wildly popular Yuri!!! On Ice dedicated to it. Even the rather obscure kabaddi has an anime about it — aptly titled Burning Kabaddi. If one were to look hard enough, there’s surely an anime dedicated to almost every sport.

5 Sports Anime Very Rarely Incorporates Superpowers

10 Best Things About Sports Anime

When people think of anime, they tend to think about the inhuman, magical powers that the characters could have. Aside from slice-of-life titles, sports anime is one of the few subgenres that rarely incorporate supernatural elements. With the exception of Kuroko’s Basketball, sports anime focuses exclusively on realistic depictions of the characters improving their skills without incorporating any supernatural powers.

While some of these skills and moves are certainly exaggerated, they aren’t close to being supernatural. Sometimes, the superpowers in shonen anime can become over-saturated and predictable, so sports anime can be refreshing.

4 There’s No Real Antagonists In Sports Anime

10 Best Things About Sports Anime

In sports anime, there are very rarely antagonists and earth-shattering villains. The characters who initially appear antagonistic are certainly the most formidable opponents, yet they’re lovable off the court.

In many cases, the characters who seem like villains actually aren’t, and they actually help the protagonist improve their skills. While some sports anime certainly do have detestable antagonists, these types of characters are few and far between for the most part. Instead of focusing on ridiculous antagonists, sports anime places more importance on healthy rivalries.

3 Sports Anime Is Full Of Lovable Characters

10 Best Things About Sports Anime

The characters in sports anime are, perhaps, some of the most lovable across anime as a whole. Sports anime typically consists of large casts, so many characters are to be appreciated across each show. Sports tend to bring out both the best and the worst in people, so it’s fun to see how each character interacts on and off the court.

It’s also interesting to speculate about which characters would make outstanding all-star teams from each anime. Additionally, the characters often express their emotions more than the average shonen character, so fans find solace in these characters.

2 Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

10 Best Things About Sports Anime

Of course, one of the primary aspects of sports anime is teamwork. Teamwork, as the age-old saying goes, makes the dream work. While teams are certainly not exclusive to sports anime, these teams are much different from the average shonen squad. These characters come together and cultivate long-lasting, meaningful companionships with each other with a common goal in mind.

Since there are so many different personalities within one time, they all have to learn how to coexist and work together. They also have to understand that each person has different techniques, so it’s a matter of trial-and-error as to what works best for whom. For example, in Haikyuu!, Oikawa is such an outstanding setter because he tailors each toss for a spiker’s individual needs.

1 Sports Anime Keeps Viewers On The Edge Of Their Seat

10 Best Things About Sports Anime

Sports anime does an excellent job of keeping the audience on the edge of their seat. Fans will feel a full range of emotions while watching an exciting game. Some of these matches are more jaw-droppingly exciting than even the most intense superhuman fights in other shonen anime. When fans watch sports anime, they are kept on the edge of their seat by the constant cat-and-mouse feel of certain games.

The outcome of these matches can be unpredictable. Additionally, the characters will spontaneously whip out their new moves within a second’s notice, changing the course of the game entirely. No other genre of anime can quite encapsulate the high of an adrenaline rush quite as well as sports anime.

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